Ladder Match DEC 10TH AT 11:43 PM EST • 3v3 • GLCP Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Season: Winter Season

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12/10/2019 11:43 pm EST

Match Rules


Round 1: This ones for auntie
Round 2: Just for fun
Round 3: This ones for auntie


Round 1: Hackney Yard
Round 2: Crash
Round 3: Arklov Peak

Game Type

UMG Variant Search & Destroy

Match Set

Best of 3

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  • Challenge Options: None (Default)
  • Hosting Region: North America

Recent Encounters

VS bo3
First encounter Just for fun v This ones for auntie Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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Match Roster

Just for fun
Reported: 2-0
player Gamertag Country
RRyan RRyan Ryan#2080927
Lose2Randoms Lose2Randoms Raptor#3756553
CheddarRat CheddarRat Rat#3457372
This ones for auntie
player Gamertag Country
Aims Aims nuhfarias
Plant C Plant C Glxtcher#6888063
The Only Clutch The Only Clutch Commander#3891929

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Just for fun Reported: 2-0
This ones for auntie

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