Welcome to the New UMG Online! v2.0

We've revamped our website with you in mind!

UMG is very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website (UMGGaming.com) - a revamp that will make it even easier to get started and play on UMGO - everything from a streamlined new homepage and exciting new features, to improved navigation and personalization, we’ve got it all.

Whether you’re creating an account, reporting matches, submitting tickets or finding the right support, the goal of our new site is to make all these experiences as user friendly as it can be by making what matters most to you easily accessible from the moment you need it. That means a more innovative, faster and a more intuitive site that is able to deal with the complexities of the 21st Century and allow us to continue delivering on our community’s needs.

“Innovative. Faster.
More Intuitive.
In a word, cutting-edge.”

We have focusing heavily on improving the site’s functionality and performance to create a more interactive interface that’s smoother and faster to use. So finding what you’re looking for now has never been more easier.

In addition to our redesign, nothing has been more in our minds than our mobile phone users. More than 50% of you have accessed us through mobile devices at some point in January. That’s why our developers have been working tirelessly to make the new site responsive also on mobile, meaning no matter what device and screen size you use to view UMGGaming.com, it will work seamlessly from your desktop, to your tablet to even your cell phone.

But that’s not all, below is a list of more new functions and improvements that have been implemented:  


  • Improved frontpage – includes bigger displays, more featured top ladders, upcoming tournaments as well as latest news to get you where you want to go with one click directly from the home page.


  • Dedicated Tab for Match Finding.
  • Improved XP and Earnings Leaderboards - showing also the top three users all-time.
  • Improved Team and Match Pages displaying all pending, scheduled and completed matches.


  • Updated Tournament Page - showing you real-time tournaments and improved displays.


  • Dedicated Forums for Recruiting, Scrimming and Cashouts.
  • Instant Forum Alerts & Live Feed from Reddit.


  • My Profile - improved profile page and account settings to make it even easier to update your profile
  • Dashboard – dedicated page to view all your upcoming matches and alerts.
  • New Notifications – to alert you of any upcoming ladder and tournament matches.

(Many more to come!)

Account Management

  • Improved UMG Cash system.
  • Easier to manage Double XP Days & Prime Renewal.


  • Support Resources made easier to find.
  • Improved Search Functionality.
  • Easier to access Live Support.

"We are really excited about our new site launch and the robust new features it provides for our community, partners, investors and the media. The aim is to strengthen our competitive platform and reflect the way our community games and consumes information today" said Meg, Vice President of Online Operations at UMG.

In summary, the new changes includes:

  • Improved functionality, the new site layout is more consistent, interactive and even more easier to navigate.
  • Improved performance, we’ve upgraded the servers and eliminated a lot of clutter on the new site, reducing downtime and making it faster to load.
  • Improved accessibility, the new site is responsive to all screen sizes and devices which makes transitioning effortlessly from one device to the next.
  • Improved content, we are now able to deliver more dynamic content so that videos, stories and discussions are only a click or touch away.
  • Improved design, the new site comes with new graphics and a cool new logo.
  • Improved personalization, the new site offers more chances to personalize your gaming experience: with badge achievements, reward systems, notification feeds and community events, there are even more things to get involved with and brag about.
  • Improved transparency, we place the community first at the heart of our operations so we are going to be more transparent starting from now, including how we’re improving and exceeding on your expectations.

Of course, the launch of our new site is just the starting point. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be improving many of our services, content and resources in order to provide the community with the best gaming experience possible. We hope you enjoy our new direction and feel free to send us your feedback via our Community Feedback forum.

Happy gaming!

Many thanks,
UMG Online