New Cash Deposit System

Introducing UMG Cash

In conjunction with the new site launch, we are excited to announce a new way of depositing cash on Introducing UMG Cash, the new UMG Online currency that’s simpler and easier to use, removing any lag or glitches in the depositing process.

Previously, we had noticed that some users that directly deposited cash had to wait for it show up on their accounts, as it was being delayed due to weird amounts being deposited. In this new system, this issue will no longer occur as now users will now have the ability to purchase UMG Cash packs ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200) instead of directly depositing money straight from Paypal or Dwolla.

Nothing has changed. All fees are exactly the same, just now you are just simply purchasing UMG Cash to deposit on your account. As usual, UMG Cash can be used to purchase items through the store or be put up for cash out matches against other teams on the site.

In addition, we will also be able to giveaway discount codes through social media platforms making it easier to reward our users for their continued support on the site.

A quick summary:

  • In order to deposit, you need to purchase UMG Cash but all fees are exactly the same.
  • New system removes any glitches/lags from occurring.
  • You still have options to purchase items through PayPal and Dwolla.
  • You are still able to withdraw Cash amounts.

We hope you enjoy our new direction and feel free to send us your feedback via our Community Feedback forum.

Happy gaming!

Many thanks,

UMG Online