Join a Tournament

Category: Playing on UMG

UMG offers many types of tournaments players can join every day. A typical tournament may have an entry fee which is based on UMG Credits, however many tournaments are free to play in and require no entry fee. You may purchase credits in the store or the leader of your tournament team can pay the entry fee for you (see below on step #3).

Step 1

Make sure you have linked your UMG account to the account you use on the respective gaming platform. To Create a match you must have a gamer tag set on your account for the platform of the game. For example to play Fortnite, you must set your Epic Games Display Name in your account (see below). You can set your gamer tags In your account settings at Account > Profile.

Step 2

To find a list of available tournaments navigate to our Tournaments page under Play > Tournaments in the main navigation menu. Here you will see a full list of upcoming tournaments across multiple games. Here you may also set many different types of filters to view the tournaments you wish to see along with filtering by credit entry! There is also a search back that lets you search for a specific game or tournament type that you may be interested in!

Step 3

Once you have pressed the "Join Tournament" button on the tournament page, you will be asked to create a tournament team. For each tournament you join, a unique tournament team will need to be created. If you'd like to receive reminders about the tournament, you can enter your mobile phone number to receive text updates. You can also connect you opt in for SMS alerts on your Account HERE

After your team has been created, invite players to join your team if needed. You may pay the entry fee for each player you have invited if you wish to do so. When inviting players to the team, make sure you are using their UMG username.

Step 4

You are now registered for the tournament. You can see all tournaments you have joined and their start times by clicking the My Tournaments link in the secondary navigation bar (See below).

Please keep in mind when registering for a tournament all players on the team need to have a valid gamertag set on their UMG account, refer to step 1 in this guide. Ineligible teams not meeting this criteria or not having a full team in general for competitions over 1v1 will be removed from the tournament with a refund of your entry fee if there was one.

Step 5

You may be asked to confirm your registration for a tournament. This is done to help prevent first round no-shows. You may receive an email alerting you of when to confirm or if you entered a phone number when you created your tournament team, you will also receive a SMS text notification.

Confirmation will be required by the leader of your team before the tournament starts. Confirmations will be allowed 1 hour before tournament begins. If you have not confirmed 30 minutes before tournament start time, your entry will be removed and refunded.

You can confirm by pressing the "Confirm Attendance" button on the tournament overview page.

Step 6

When the tournament is set to begin the brackets will be generated and a match will be assigned to your team, it's time to play! It's now time to contact your opponent in-game to play your match. Navigate to the match details page in order to find your opponent's team leader username.

6a. You can find the match details page by referencing your "Active Tournament Match" section, by looking for the match notification that was sent to you or by clicking your match in the brackets display. 


6b. You can find your opponent's in-game details on this page (see below). You will also see a chat window on this match details page that allows you to directly communicate with your opponent to coordinate setting up your match.

Step 7

Play your match with your opponent based on the Match Rules (located on the match page). When the match is complete, return to the match page to report the results of this match. Your opponent will also report the score. If reported scores did not match, the match will result in a dispute. If this is an accidental dispute, you will have the option to "Give Up" and award your opponent the win. This button will show in the same area where you reported your match results. 

For tournament disputes, please contact our tournament live support for 1 on 1 assistance. This can be found HERE. When contact live support please ensure you have your match ID ready and all relevant proof for your match ready as well to present to the tournament admins.

Step 8

Repeat this process until your team has either been eliminated from the tournament, or until you have won. If the tournament has prizes and your team has earned a prize, you can claim your winnings in the Prize Claim section of the website (see below).