Create a Match

Category: Playing on UMG

UMG has three distinct types of matches: Ladder, Cash-out and Tournament matches.

Ladder Match

A match that helps you rank up in our Weekly, Monthly and Lifetime leader boards. Compete on our ladders to a place in our season ending playoffs to win real prizes and cash.

Cash-out Match

Wager real funds in a safe and secure way on a private match.

Tournament Match

Tournament matches will be assigned to you automatically when a tournament you have joined has started.

Step 1

Make sure you have linked your UMG account to the account you use on the respective gaming platform. To Create a match you must have a gamer tag set on your account for the platform of the game. For example to play Fortnite, you must set your Epic Games Display Name in your account (see below). You can set your gamer tags In your account settings at Account > Profile.

Step 2

Click the "Create Match" shortcut on the left menu action bar (On mobile, you will find this link in the main navigation). Alternatively, you can click "Create Match" on the Team Edit page to create a match for that team.

Step 3

Select the game you wish to play. You can change this by clicking the X beside the game on the next page.

Step 4

Select the Platform, Match Type, Region and the Ladder.

If you do not have a team, you will not be able to create a match until you have a team so the button at the bottom will read "Create Team". After the team was created, return to this menu or click "Create Match" on the Edit Team page.

If you have a team for the selected settings, click Continue to Final Step.

Step 5

Once your match has been accepted by an opponent, contact your opponent in-game to play the match. Use the match rules section to determine the Host and Map (if applicable). This can be found on the match page. You can find the match page by locating the Active Match section (see below).

Step 6

Once the match has been completed, return to the match page on UMG to report the match score.