Call Of Duty: Cold War Community Event

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UMG is excited to announce our Community Event for Call Of Duty: Cold War! Earn up to 7 new medals, UMG Cash, UMG Credits, UMG Prime and Double XP Days by playing UMG Call Of Duty: Cold War Cashout, Ladder, and/or Tournament matches from 11/13 - 12/13.

Launch Ladders:

$700 Cross-Platform Team Ladder (3v3 - 4v4) Play Here!
$200 Cross-Platform Doubles Ladder (2v2) Play Here!
$100 Cross-Platform Singles Ladder (1v1) Play Here!

*Team playoffs will be 16 team single elimination tournaments*

Ladder Prizes Breakdown:

$700 Cross-Platform Team Ladder (3v3 - 4v4) Play Here!

1st $400
2nd - $200
3rd - $50
4th - 8th 10 UMG Credits

*Team playoffs will be 4v4 SnD*

$200 Cross-Platform Doubles Ladder (2v2) Play Here!

1st $120
2nd $60
3rd $20
4th - 8th 5 UMG Credits

$100 Cross-Platform Singles Ladder (1v1) Play Here!

1st $60
2nd $30
3rd $10
4th - 8th UMG Credits