Terms Of Service Update.

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Effective on January 25, 2020

UMG Gaming has updated their Terms Of Service. This update affects users who own multiple UMG accounts that are verified. Users who meet these criteria will need to be aware of the following:

Ownership of multiple verified UMG accounts is prohibited on the UMG website. Users who have ownership of multiple accounts and have successfully completed the account verification process will be given the opportunity to transfer any UMG Cash, UMG Credits,  UMG account stats and information to their preferred UMG account by going through the process detailed below. Once this process is complete, the surrendered account will lose its verification status and be unable to compete in cash related matches, tournaments, or make account purchases. These accounts will be allowed in free play matches on the website but will not be eligible for any prizes listed in these ladders. Users found breaching these terms are subject to having their UMG account temporarily suspended pending further investigation. 

For account transfer information, please submit a support ticket here: https://umggaming.com/support/ticket/create/7

Provide the following information within your ticket for an expedited process. 

1. Both of your UMG usernames.

2. The account in which you’re wanting to keep for cash related matches, tournaments, store access, and any money related events on the website. 

3. The email in which you’re wanting to use if any. Please also included your PayPal email if this is your preferred payment & payout method.

4. Provide Gamertags you’re wanting to have transferred over if any. 

Please be aware that you will also need to go through the account verification process after your ticket is submitted to ensure ownership of the accounts. Account security is a top priority of ours. 

Kind Regards,

UMG Staff