ATL FaZe City Circuit Ladder

Step 1 (adding your PS4 gamertag to your UMG account):

Players need to ensure their PlayStation 4 gamertag is listed on their UMG profile to be eligible to compete in this ladder. You can set your gamer tags In your account settings at Account > Profile.  Once you place your gamertag on your account, click save on the bottom of the page to save your changes! 

Step 2 (creating a team):

You will need to make a team in order to compete in this ladder. To do this, you will need to go the ATL FaZe City Circuit ladder  then click CREATE TEAM as shown in the screenshot. Follow the on-screen prompts then click the CREATE TEAM button to finish the process.

This ladder is open to players within North America only and will operate on the PlayStation 4 only. See the rules section of the ladder for more information!

Step 3 (creating & accepting a match):

Once your team has been created, your teammate has been invited, and he/she has accepted their invite you can create a match! Please make sure both players have followed Step 1 above to ensure your team is eligible to compete! To create a match the leader of the team can click the CREATE A MATCH located on the right hand side of their teams page as shown here. If you're having trouble finding your created team, please go here: You can click on the ACTIONS button and it will pop out a menu allowing you to create a match, invite players, edit your team, and disbanded (delete) your team!

After you click on create a match, a new window will pop allowing you to set your match time, date, and the option to add your mobile phone number to receive instant text messages once your match is accepted! As shown here. Double check your match details before creating your match. The match creation page will look like this.

Teams may also find and accept games by going to the match finder located here:

Note: You can also always cancel a match once it's posted! On the match details page, navigate to the right of your screen and click  CANCEL MATCH. This can only be done before the match is accepted.

Step 4 (playing your match):

Once your match is posted you will need to wait for it to be accepted by another team. You can link your phone number to your UMG account to receive text messages once your match is accepted! Navigate to your UMG Account scroll down place your phone number within the provided text field, click the "Allow SMS alerts for my matches" checkbox, and click SAVE PROFILE!

When your match is accepted the match page (match you created) will refresh detailing the rest of your match information. Including match time, maps being played, who hosts, your opponents gamertag, your match chat for communication with your opponent, and the ability to report your match outcome!

As soon as the match is done, return to this page and input your match scores as shown here then click report match results. Once the results are complete, you can find another or create another match!

Match Support & Account Support

In the event of a match dispute, no show, or other in-game issues that you may come across during your matches. Please visit the Rules section of this ladder for further assistance. 

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