Valorant First Strike FAQ

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  • Why are there two Open Qualifiers?

    • We wanted to give players as much opportunity to qualify for First Strike as possible, so we are hosting two separate 128 team qualifiers. If you fall short in Open Qualifier 1, you’ll have a chance for redemption in Open Qualifier #2!

  • HOW DO I PLAY IN THE $100,000 EVENT?
    • Valorant First Strike UMG Qualifiers is hosted by UMG Gaming. There is no monetary prizing from UMG for winning, advancing or placing in this tournament. The $100,000 prize pool will be determined and distributed by Riot Games in the Valorant First Strike Tournament on December 3 - 6. The top 12 teams of the Valorant First Strike UMG Qualifiers will advance to the Riot Games Valorant First Strike Tournament for the $100,000 prize pool. 

  • I’m a player in Connecticut or Arizona and I can’t register. What do I do?

    • Please contact live support and let them know that you are a player in Connecticut or Arizona and are trying to register for the First Strike Open Qualifiers. An admin will assist you with your registration.

  • If I signed my player release form during the first stage of Open Qualifiers with Nerd Street Gaming, do I need to fill it out again?

    • You do NOT need to fill out the player release form again if you have previously filled it out for the prior First Strike competition.

  • I would like to Community Cast this event, where do I go?

    • Please send an email to “” expressing your interest in community casting, and we will follow up with potential next steps.

    • Due to the delay of the most recent patch, the new agent, "Skye" will NOT be permitted/available for use in the First Strike Open Qualifiers.

  • Can I sign my entire team up, or do they all need accounts?

    • All 5 players must have UMG accounts and join the same team in order to be eligible. Incomplete teams at the time of registration closing will not be eligible to play and will be removed from the tournament.