UMG Champions Featuring Fortnite April 2021

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How is the $25,000 prize pool divided*?

The 1st place team will be awarded $15,000 
The 2nd place team will be awarded $5,000
The 3rd place will be awarded $3,000 
The 4th place team will be awarded $2,000

* All prizing will be provided by Epic Games. Players will be contacted via Email from Epic Games to confirm prizing details & redemption information once all qualifiers and the championship event has completed. Please be sure that the email on your UMG account is up to date and correct to ensure all information is finding your inbox.

* Fortnite Official Competition Terms & Conditions click/press  HERE

Are there any streaming requirements?

Yes, but only in the Main Event. Streaming is not required during either of the Open Qualifiers, being held on April 9 & April 10. However, in order to participate in the Main Event on April 16, at least one member of your team will be required to stream the any matches in which you compete.

How many teams qualify to UMG Champions?

Two teams from each qualifier will advance to the UMG Champions event on April 16th. 

I’m a player in Connecticut or Arizona and I can’t register. What do I do?

Players residing in these states are restricted from competing due to state legislation. If you are receiving a region error and do not reside at n one of these two states, please contact our support team for assistance!

I would like to Community Cast this event, where do I go?

Please send an email to “” expressing your interest in community casting, and we will follow up with potential next steps.

Can I sign my entire team up, or do they all need accounts?

Both players must have UMG accounts and join the same team in order to be eligible along with having your Epic Games display name in your UMG profile. Incomplete teams at the time of registration closing will not be eligible to play and will be removed from the tournament.