LATESHIFT Terms & Conditions


    1. LATESHIFT is a virtual racing series conducted on Forza Motorsport 7.

    2. Participants will compete in a weekly qualifying round for their chance to take part in a LATESHIFT Feature event.

      1. Qualifying Rivals rounds will begin on Thursdays at 9am Pacific Time and conclude on the following Tuesday at 4pm Pacific Time.

    3. LATESHIFT Features are LIVE Broadcasted, door to door, virtual racing events.

      1. Feature events take part on Sundays following the conclusion of the previous qualifying rounds.

    4. LATESHIFT Features will begin in group stages where the top finalists from all groups will move onto the weekly Final where finalists compete for series points, prizes and notoriety.

    5. The LATESHIFT program will begin in June and will recur weekly until the Finals which will take place in September.

      1. Series Schedule:

        1. Feature Rounds (June-July)

        2. Semi-Final Rounds(August)

        3. Championship Rounds (September)


  1. Weekly Qualification Format

    1. All Participants will be required to take part in a weekly Rivals event or a Qualifying Race available in Forza Motorsport 7.

    2. After posting a time in the Rivals event, Participants will be required to complete a registration process in order to be eligible for Finalist status.

      1. Registration instructions will be available online at

      2. Should a participant fail to complete registration before the cutoff, they will be disqualified.

      3. The registration cutoff will be Wednesday evening at 11:59 PM PST following the end of the Rivals scheduled window.

    3. Paid Qualifier Races will take part in parallel to Rivals and will act as a paid alternative for participants who are outside of the top (20) Rivals positions.

      1. Purchase for each Qualifying Race $4.99 (Price subject to change).

      2. Must be 18 years of age to purchase ticket

      3. 20 drivers per race.

      4. Daily races hosted via UMG Gaming.

      5. Purchase available via UMG Gaming (

    4. Participants will be selected for Finalist status based on their results in one of the following:

      1. Rivals

      2. Paid Qualifier Race

    5. Finalists will be split into three (3) groups. Group seeding will be determined by each participant's performance in their respective qualification approach.

      1. Groups will be organized as follows:

        1. Group A - 20 Finalists - Rivals

        2. Group B - 20 Finalists - Paid Qualifiers Races

        3. Group C - 20 Finalists - Paid Qualifier Races

    6. Twenty (20) Finalists will be determined by the top lap times set by participants during the Rivals competition - this creates Group A.

      1. Only times set by Participants who have completed their registration will be valid.

    7. Forty (40) Finalists will be selected from Paid Qualifier Races, they will be invited to the group stage of the weekly final - this creates groups B & C.

      1. The winning participant (1) from each Paid Qualifier race will be guaranteed Finalist status.

        1. A “win” will be determined by lowest total race time in each session.

      2. The total number of participants guaranteed finalist status in each qualifier race is dependent on the total number of Qualifier Races run during a qualifier round. This will be calculated as follows:

(40 Finalist positions) / (Number of Paid Qualifiers)

  1. Should one of the finalists be disqualified or found to be ineligible for any reason, the next eligible participant will graduate to Finalist status when applicable and at the LATESHIFT organisers’ discretion.

  2. After a participant receives Finalist status, they will receive an email with further instructions on how to take part in the LATESHIFT competition.

    1. Finalists will be invited to a Guilded channel where event organizers will communicate and coordinate with Finalists.

  3. Qualification format is subject to change and is dependent on the total number of participants involved. 

  1. Weekly Feature Format

    1. At the end of each qualifying round, Finalists will be invited to compete in the LATESHIFT Feature.

    2. Finalists will be shepherded into their respective groups and given access to their Feature schedule.

      1. Feature Schedules will be available in the Guilded server.

        1. Finalists will be responsible for their understanding of said schedule.

        2. Finalists will be required to be present and prepared for their respective Feature schedule.

    3. Each Sunday, Starting at 5 PM Pacific Time, Finalists will begin their journey by joining their respective race Lobby associated with their Finalist Group.

    4. Beginning with Group A, Finalists will take part in the following feature session:

      1. (5) Five-minute Qualifying

      2. (15) Fifteen-minute feature race

    5. The (5) five-minute Qualifying session will determine participants starting position in their respective (15) fifteen-minute feature race.

    6. At the conclusion of each feature session, the next group will proceed through the same process, until all groups have completed their feature session.

    7. Following each feature session, race admins will collect each drivers “total race time”.

  2. Weekly Final Format

    1. The top twenty (20) finalists across all three (3) groups will take part in the weekly Final. 

      1. Top finalists will be determined by finalists “total race times” across all participants in all Groups.

      2. The bottom forty (40) finalists from Group A, B, & C will be eliminated and not progress to the weekly Final.

    2. Finalists who have made it to the weekly LATESHIFT Final will compete in one (20) twenty-minute race session.

  3. Championship Format

    1. Beginning in September, the top 480 drivers who have accumulated points from June-August will be eligible to enter the Championship Round.

    2. During the Championship round, the top five (5) drivers from Rivals will also be invited to compete.

    3. Drivers will compete weekly in September for championship points.


    1. LATESHIFT administrators will actively spectate both LIVE races and Rivals lap submissions to ensure an elevated degree of competitive integrity.

    2. Participants will not drive in a way that purposefully attempts to sabotage or damage another participant's experience.

      1. An example: Pushing another participant into a corner causing them to incur a corner cutting penalty.

      2. Driving backwards on the track

      3. Blatantly punting another participant off the track.

      4. Excessively blocking the track as to prevent other participants from passing.

        1. Drivers will be allowed to make a single move to defend their position, and can return to the racing line. Multiple moves to defend can be penalised by race admins.

    3. Competitions will utilize both automated and manual adjudication methods. This includes but is not limited to:

      1. Administrator & Staff review

      2. Forza Race Regulations

    4. Finalists must drive with an approved LATESHIFT livery.

      1. Attempting to drive with an unapproved LATESHIFT livery will result in disqualification.

      2. Liveries can be found in Forza Motorsport 7.

        1. Detailed instructions regarding approved liveries are located in the LATESHIFT Guilded server.

    5. In the event of a severe Lobby or Race related complication, admins reserve the right to restart race sessions with or without review.

    6. Participants can be actively or retroactively penalized and/or disqualified by race admins if they determine there is an infraction.

    7. Tournament bracket size and prize are subject to change depending on the total number of eligible participants at the start of a tournament.

    8. UMG reserves the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship

    9. Event participants will also be subject to applicable UMG Terms & Conditions as well as Xbox Live’s Terms & Conditions


    1. Participants will only be eligible for prizes and competition if they are residents of Canada, the Continental United States, and Mexico, and are willing to provide evidence of such.

      1. Residents of Arizona and Connecticut are not able to participate in the LATESHIFT competition.

    2. There is only one prize per household for each tournament

    3. You may not join from a proxied IP address.  Doing so can disqualify you from participation

    4. Users may not share accounts, Xbox Live accounts, or any aliases linked to a designated player’s account.

    5. Participants are responsible for all of their own equipment and hardware. Any issues that are a result of the participant’s hardware performance, network connectivity, or software versions will subject the participant to disqualification.

    6. Participants must be able to communicate with event organizers and thoroughly understand rules and regulations. Failure to communicate or adhere to these rules will result in disqualification.

    7. You may not compete from a proxy IP address. Doing so will forfeit your qualifying lap and series points for a round.

    8. Following a Rivals qualifier, Finalists will be invited to a Guilded server, from which they will receive all instructions regarding the event final from LATESHIFT administrators.

      1. Should a finalist fail to join the LATESHIFT server within 24 hours of receiving their invitation, their finalist status can be revoked.

      2. Participants will be responsible for their access to services. If a participant is unable to communicate using, they are subject to disqualification.

    9. All communications will be conducted in English. If a participant is unable to reasonably communicate, they can be disqualified at the discretion of the event staff.

    10. All participants will be required to play on the most current version of the Forza Motorsport 7 software.

    11. Participants may take part via Xbox consoles or Windows PC

    12. Participants must have an account on UMGGaming, and an Xbox Live Gamertag

      1. A participant must use the same account throughout each round.

        1. If a participant changes their Gamertag mid competition, they must first notify the event staff as to not forfeit their series points.

      2. Sharing of accounts or account access in a way to game the system is strictly prohibited.

    13. Participants can compete using compatible Controllers or Racing Peripherals.

    14. Participants must establish a stable connection to the Race Lobby. Excessive de-sync, ping, latency, or disconnects can result in the participant being disqualified at the discretion of the event staff.


    1. Participants will score points by completing races during both feature races and event finals throughout the duration of the LATESHIFT feature stages (June-August)

    2. Points will be awarded based on the following chart:












































    1. Feature Rounds (June-July) - $20,000 cash + Prizes

      1. $250 will be awarded to the winner of each feature race in the weekly group sessions.

        1. 1st Place - Group A - $250

        2. 1st Place - Group B - $250

        3. 1st Place - Group C - $250

      2. $1,750 will be awarded to the winners of the weekly Finals:

        1. 1st Place - Weekly Final - $1000

        2. 2nd Place - Weekly Final - $500

        3. 3rd Place - Weekly Final - $250

      3. The best time from Paid Qualifiers and Rivals from a racer who has registered with UMG Gaming will win an Extreme Simracing Wheel Stand.

    2. Semi-Finals Round (August) - $10,000 cash + Prizes

      1. $250 will be awarded to the winner of each feature race in the weekly group sessions.

        1. 1st Place - Group A - $250

        2. 1st Place - Group B - $250

        3. 1st Place - Group C - $250

      2. $1,750 will be awarded to the winners of the weekly Finals:

        1. 1st Place - Weekly Final - $1000

        2. 2nd Place - Weekly Final - $500

        3. 3rd Place - Weekly Final - $250

      3. The best time from Paid Qualifiers and Rivals from a racer who has registered with UMG Gaming will win an Extreme Simracing custom SIM Rig

    3. Championship Round (September) -  $22,500 cash + Prizes

      1. $22,500 in cash will be awarded to the Top 3 points leaders in the Championship.

        1. 1st Place - Championship - $10,000 + Extreme SIM Racing Custom SIM Rig

        2. 2nd Place - Championship - $7,500

        3. 3rd Place - Championship - $5,000

      2. The racer who has the most points accumulated during the entire season (June - September) will win an Extreme Simracing custom SIM Rig

    4. All prizes subject to change or availability


    1. Participants must conduct themselves in a respectable and professional manner before, during, and after LATESHIFT competitions. This includes, but is not limited to, interactions on social media, Guilded, and within Forza.

      1. Racism, sexism, or otherwise offensive language will result in disqualification.

      2. Using offensive or controversial gamer tags can result in disqualification.

      3. Any abusive behavior or activity directed towards event staff or other competitors will result in disqualification.

      4. Extreme infractions will result in a disqualification from current and further events and the possibility of retroactive forfeiture of series points and/or prizes.

    2. Forms of cheating are strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification and forfeiture of series points and/or prizes.

      1. Exploiting unintended features or attempting to change in game elements in a way that benefits a participant or degrades the experience for others.

      2. Scripting or any form of software or data manipulation will result in a disqualification and ban.