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Category: Playing on UMG

UMG offers a variety of games, game modes, and features. Learn about them here: the tournaments, ranking system, matchmaking, and cash out matches, and more!


A ladder match (ladders) is a free to play system, where players can post/accept matches on the match finder and compete against one another. Each time a team wins, their team and individual members earn experience points “XP”, each time a team loses the team and the individual members lose XP.


You can register & view tournaments by clicking the TOURNAMENT tab from the main toolbar of the website.

Cash Out/Wager Matches

Cash Out/Wager matches function similarly to regular ladder matches. Teams will be able to compete for UMG cash against other players on the website. Players can input any UMG cash amount they please.

XP System

XP is what determines a team ranking on the ladder leader board and a member’s website ranking. Top teams from the ladder leader board are moved each season into a playoff tournament to compete for x amount (See playoff section of each ladder) All ladders may not be eligible for playoff tournaments.