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: How do I sign up for PRIME ladders?
A: In order to compete in PRIME ladders, all members of the team MUST have a PRIME membership. This includes creating teams/posting matches/accepting matches. You can purchase PRIME here.

Q: What games do you offer PRIME ladders for?
A: We will be launching with the following ladders. Each game will have 1 ladder available at launch. Expect more ladders per game and potentially new games after the first two weeks of competitions! 

PLAY NOW > $2,000 2v2 Search & Destroy
PLAY NOW > $1,000 1v1 Search & Destroy

PLAY NOW > $2,000 Kill Race - Verdansk
PLAY NOW > $1,000 Kill Race - Verdansk

PLAY NOW > $1,500 1v1 MERCY
PLAY NOW > $1,500 1v1 Control (Shotty/Pistols/Smokes)

Q: How often do these ladders run? 
A: Ladders will operate ever 2 weeks, then the top 8 team from each PRIME ladder after the 2 week duration will be placed into a single elimination tournament for the BIG BUCKS! 

Q: What are the prizes for these ladders?
A: Each ladder will have $3,000 in cash prizes available! Placing TOP 2 at the end of the ladder portion will land you a cash prize! Placing TOP 8 will secure your spot in the ladder playoff. Along with that, there will be additional prizing for the playoff tournament portion of these ladders! Visit each ladder's playoff section for more information.

Please keep in mind each ladder has certain criteria in order for them to be eligible to award prizes. More information can be found in the "PLAYOFFS" section of each game.

Q: What happens if my PRIME membership runs out during a match? Also, what happens if my PRIME runs out as my match is still active on the match finder?
A: The match will still count, after that match all users must become PRIME again to be able to post/accept matches. You may replace the player on your roster with a new PRIME member to regain your eligibility to play! If your PRIME membership runs out while your match is still on the match finder waiting to be accepted. The match will still be eligible for play but will lose playing eligibility once that match is over and your team attempts to create/accept a new match.