Frequently Asked Questions

New Users

To add players to your team you will need to be on your team's profile page. You can find a list of your teams that you are on by hovering on teams in the navigation bar. After you are on your team's page, go to the Quick Tools on the right in blue, and click on "Edit Roster". Then you will need to type the UMGO username in the "Add New Member" text area. Finally you will need to click the blue "Invite User" button. Please note, when you join other peoples teams you take on responsibility of that teams actions. Please DO NOT play or stay on teams with people you do not know as you assume the risk of any and all matches posted while being on that team.
UMG has recently introduced new types of Prime!
Prime Blue and Prime White are both $4.99 for each month.
Prime Elite is offered for $8.99 per month.
However if you buy multi-month prime packs you will get them at a discounted price!
For more information please reference our prime page.
Valid proof is a clear picture or video of the players full screen that shows the a rule being broken as well as the map that is played on and who is playing. (Rules are on each ladder in the Quick Tools menu.) If the dispute is on who won, please Linking a stream or channel URL is not valid proof. You must send clips in from a stream. UMG Staff will not view entire streams. If you want to be sure on what is valid proof, please check out our Valid Proof Guide, created by our staff members!


To add money to your bank, you will need to be logged in and navigate to the drop-down navigation bar that you can access by clicking your username in the top left or by clicking here. Once there you will need to click on button that says "deposit", add the amount you want added to your account, then click the "Deposit via PayPal™". Note: There is a fee of 3% + $0.30 USD that applies.
To buy prime, you will need to go to the store link in the navigation bar. Then find out what prime pack you wish to purchase, click add to cart, and click the blue check out button. Note, when you purchase Prime, auto-renewal is on and is non-refundable. To cancel this go to
In order to buy credits, you will have to have enough money in your account's bank. If you do you can click here to buy them. Note: Credits are non-refundable Users are also not allowed to purchase credits from anyone other than UMGO. If transactions occur and said credits are stolen and need to be removed, UMGO is not responsible for said money loss.
To add your Gamertag and/or PSN to your account, at the top left of your page click your username and access your "Edit Profile" option. On this page you will see all the Social Media options available to which you can add your information! Simple type in your accounts (be sure they are spelled correctly, and click "Save Changes".
We offer users the ability to withdraw money from our site via PayPal, Dwolla or in Check form. Users can expedite their withdraw process to either 24 or 48 hours for a fee dependent upon the type of withdraw they are making. Users are NOT allowed to use UMG Online as a way to transfer money from one form of money service to another. This means users cannot deposit money from Dwolla and/or PayPal and withdraw thru a different source. If this action occurs more than once you risk being permanently banned from the site.
Once logged in, you can submit a ticket by clicking here. Make sure you only submit one ticket per dispute, explain your side of the story, and submit valid proof. If you are interested in escalating a ticket, you will need to go into the ticket you choose to escalate upon being responded to by a staff member, and click "escalate" by the Ticket ID; please keep in mind only Prime Members have the option to escalate tickets.
To find Live Support, click the Ladder or Tournament page you are playing your match under. From there click the "Support" option and you will see a green "Live Support Online". Live Support is offered on weekdays between the hours of 3:00 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST. On weekends Live Support is offered between 1:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST.
Whenever you're adding a gamertag to our website, we check to make sure it's not in use by someone else. When you see this message, it means that your gamertag is already an account. To find out what account has your gamertag, please click here and you can search it up! If you want to get the gamertag on your account, please create a ticket under "Account Issues". Be SURE you provide the name of the gamertag, and video/picture proof that shows you own the gamertag.


Select the ladder that you are looking for Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3. Then click the game that you are wanting to know the rules on. Then on the right you will see our Quick Tools menu this is where you will see the ladder rules button.
To create a team you will need to find the console and game you want to play on. You can find these by clicking on the particular console you wish on navigation bar. Then on the Quick Tools in blue on the right, you will see two different teams that you can create, ladder and cash out. A Playoff team is a team that will play for the money that is put on the ladder. A Cash Out team is a team that only plays Cash Out matches. Cash Out teams cannot compete for the money put on the normal ladder. Also Cash Out teams cannot get into playoffs.
After your team has joined the ladder and obtained some players you can participate in matches. To post or accept a posted match, you will need to go the blue Quick Tools menu on the right and click the "Match Finder" button. Here you can either accept or create Cash Out matches or regular ladder matches, if permitted. You will need to go through the steps of accepting or creating a match correctly.
In order to find out when you host, you will need to navigate to your team's profile page and find the scheduled match. If you click the magnifying glass you will be given a match details page. On the right half of the page, you will will find out who hosts. If there is a bug on this you may need to contact live support and/or submit a ticket stating this. If all else fails look at the rules on hosting on the rules page.
To report scores for a match you will need to go to your team page that you are participating on and click on the magnifying glass to get your your match details page. On the right, there is a report scores box and put the correct scores of the match.
Scores are finalized when both teams report. If only one team reports then the scores will be updated after three hours have passed. If there is a dispute, the match will stay a dispute until it is resolved.
You can get quick assistance by contacting live support, permitting its online. Live support shouldn't be used to get your tickets answered faster.

Cash Out Matches

Cash Outs are simply ladder matches where both teams risk a sum of money on the outcome of that match.
Yes, outside of the restricted areas listed in our Terms and Conditions, Cash Out matches are completely legal and are not considered online gambling. This is because you are betting on your own skill in the game and not basing a bet on luck.
You simply go to ladder that you want to play on and go to the match finder and it shows posted matches. If it is a cash out match it will denote the amount and you accept it like a normal match. Posting is the same way just post a normal match and select the Cash Out option as one of your choices.
If you are not a Prime member we take a 10% fee for any Cash Out match that you win. However, if you are Prime we do not charge any fees for the use of this great feature.
To be able to play in Cash Out matches you will have to enable it on your profile.
Cash Out matches are on the match finder just like any other match. It will be marked with the amount that the Cash Out match is for and you can accept it if it matches what you.
You treat them like a normal dispute and upload and enter your proof. They are given priority over normal matches and a decision should be reached within 24 hours. We warn you now that disputing Cash Out matches with no proof brings stiff penalties.
You go to the ladder match finder that you want to play in and click on post match. You put in all your normal options and where it says Cash Out you simply post the amount that you want to play for. Yes its that simple.
You treat them like a normal dispute and upload and enter your proof. They are given priority over normal matches and a decision should be reached within 24 hours. We warn you now that disputing Cash Out matches with no proof brings stiff penalties.
If one team refuses to report the winning team will receive the win 3 hours after they have reported their match. This is to make sure both teams have ample time file any disputes on the match.
When you are given a win for a Cash Out match you automatically receive the amount in your bank balance. If you want to withdraw that money simply go to your bank and select the withdraw option.
No you cannot. All players involved must have the minimum amount of money in their bank to participate or it will not let them accept/post the match with that player on the roster.


To register for a tournament you first need to decide which tournament you want to register for. You can do this by going and clicking on "tournaments" in the navigation bar to see a list of tournaments available. After you have chosen which one you want to join, click the tournament you want to join. After, you will see a tournament page of information. If this is the tournament you want to join, then click the blue "join tournament" button. If the button isn't there, then the tournament isn't open for registration.
To receive your prize, you will need to go here. All prize claims are processed within 48 hours of submitting the prize claim. If you do not receive your prize within 48 hours, submit a ticket here


Prime White members will get the benefits of:

  • Members with this package of Prime will get any ticket submitted responded to within 5 hours of submitting any day of the week at any time!
  • Members will also get many Cash Out perks like instant eligibility when switching Cash Out Teams.
  • Another perk of Prime White is that you get to choose how much you want to spend on a Cash Out Match.
  • Also Prime White members also get fee free Cash Outs. We take no fee! You win it you earn it!
  • Prime White members get the privilege of having exclusive live support access, so that you can chat with us more often than a basic member!

Prime Blue members will get the benefits of:

  • Access to Prime Only Tournaments
  • Tier 1 ticket responses featuring 24 hour response windows
  • 1 hour eligibility when switching teams -Match Escalations
  • Discounted withdraws
  • Discounted username changes
  • (2) 24 hour Double XP packs per month