COD: Warzone Pacific $10 FREE ENTRY | 1v1 Kill Race - BR: Duos


Registration Closed opens NOV 18TH AT 8:38 AM EST closes NOV 25TH AT 5:30 PM EST 36/64 Join Tournament
Registration Closed opens NOV 18TH AT 8:38 AM EST closes NOV 25TH AT 5:30 PM EST 36/64 Join Tournament
$10 FREE ENTRY | 1v1 Kill Race - BR: Duos Tournament hosted by UMG

$10 FREE ENTRY | 1v1 Kill Race - BR: Duos Rules


All PC players MUST be streaming their point of view WITH AUDIO ON FOR IN-GAME AND VOICE COMMUNICATION when competing in this tournament and be able to provide their stream link and proof when asked for by their opponents or UMG admins (VODS MUST BE ENABLED). PC players found not streaming will be suspended from the website, forfeited from the competition, and will forfeit any future entry to any UMG tournament.

Players may link their streams on their profile. Doing so will show your live stream on your match page below the area where rosters are displayed. If you're unable to link your stream to your UMG profile, you can place your stream link within your UMG match channel. 

UMGO reserves the right to request a user to set up a monitor/ hand cam at any point during the tournament

LINK YOUR STREAM:  https://umggaming.com/account/profile


Please see the "OVERVIEW" section of the tournament for the flags and/or region name displayed. If your regions name and/ore flag is not displayed, that region is restricted from competing. Free entry tournaments will be global tournaments.


UMG has a zero tolerance for hacking/cheating. Players found hacking/cheating/ will be permanently banned from the UMG website, the current competition, and future UMG tournaments. All claims need to be provided to tournament live support with video proof of the player(s) being accused. "Everyone else knows they cheat" will not be an accepted form of proof. We need detailed information to act on as these are serious claims.


VPNs (virtual private networks) or any location spoofing software is NOT allowed. Players found using spoofing software will immediately be removed from the competition and banned from future competitions.. This includes, but is not limited to: ExitLag, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, etc.


All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance. Using any cheat will result in bans and disqualifications for the following cheats:

- Radar hacks
- Wallhacks
- Speedhacks
- Aim Hacks
- Hitbox manipulation
- Teleportation
- The usage of a bug/bugs to gain an advantage versus your opponents
- Game file editing – (if not specified in “Game settings”)
- All 3rd party software or tools that are not allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team is classed as cheating and is not allowed. Examples of software that are not allowed are ReShade,    SweetFX, and VibranceGUI
- If a team uses a player that has an active ban by UMG or Activision the team will be disqualified from the tournament.


All players are required to have their Activision ID  on their UMG profile to be eligible to compete. Players may add their Activision ID display name here: https://umggaming.com/account/profile

If your Activision ID is not on on your profile/team by the time the tournament begins, your team will be marked as ineligible and removed from the tournament. Any issues adding your Activision ID please contact our customer support team here: https://umggaming.com/support/live-chat-support 

If you're roster is full but everyone does not have an Activision ID, your team will be flagged as ineligible and removed from the competition. 

Jailbreak In-Game Event

During your Warzone match, if a player is fully eliminated and have no gulag attempts left and the in-game event 'Jailbreak' occurs. Upon re-deploying because of this event, the player who was fully eliminated before this event was initiated in-game must immediately eliminate themselves. Players that have been re-deployed because of this CANNOT float around in their parachutes or accumulate or attempt to accumulate further eliminations. Doing so may result in a forfeit.

To eliminate yourself upon re-deploy due to 'Jailbreak' being activated, open your parachute and immediate cut the cord to your parachute. Doing this will cause your character to fall straight to the ground and eliminate yourself.


Please contact tournament live support immediately with all proof of dying to a hacker and leave the game. If you're unsure if you died to a hacker (DO NOT LEAVE THE GAME) please still contact tournament support immediately and find a corner to hide in.

In the event of your team dying to a hacker in your lobby with proper proof of the player hacking the match will be replayed at the score of the initial encounter with the cheating player.

 UMGO reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship


If your opponent is driving a vehicle be it a helicopter or any ground vehicle and you enter the vehicle, you are accepting the outcome of what your opponent does with said vehicle and cannot claim sabotage.

Effective 12/10 at 12pm ET - The use of Planes will result in a forfeit of the match. 

Effective 12/19 at 7pm ET - Awoken Francis operator is restricted from use in all tournaments.


1. The hosting team (see your match details page for this information) will create the lobby and invite the opponents using their Activision ID. User's Activision IDs can be found on the match details page along with additional match information. When sending friend requests in-game ensure that you are searching by Activision ID.

2. Once all players are in the lobby and everyone is ready, the hosting team must set the "Squad Fill" to "Don't Fill" before starting the game. Please ensure all settings are correct before beginning your

3. Please make sure you read how each Best of series works. The team with the most kills during a game will win the map. 

4. Once the match is complete, teams will report the outcome on their match details page. In the event of a dispute, please contact tournament live support with your match ID and proof of winning the match.


Best of 1: The team that has the most kills at the end of the map will win the match.

Best of 2: In a Best of 2 series (a total of two games are played), both maps will be played out and the team that has the most accumulated kills at the end of all maps played will be awarded the win. If you are eliminated during a map, you must remain in the game until all player's in your match have been officially eliminated. Team's cannot report a no show if they die on a map while their opponent is still in-game if the match has more than 1 map scheduled.

Best of 3: The team that has the most kills at the end of each map will win that map. You must win 2 out of 3 maps to win the series.

Teams are competing to accumulate the highest number of kills within a match. The team with the highest number of kills will win that map. This means that if your team has 20 kills and your opponent has 10 kills in map 1, your team would win map 1. Going into map 2, the kills would reset to 0-0.


30 seconds after the last player in the team has been fully killed (not downed but completely) that score will determine the winner of the match.


Once all members on the UMG team are fully eliminated, meaning they do not have a gulag , they cannot get more eliminations. After a team is fully eliminated, make sure to get proof of their eliminations in case a jailbreak happens and they try to get more eliminations, as they will not count.

If all members of your UMG team are eliminated and a jailbreak happens, you will be required to immediately down yourself by hitting the ground from the respawn

Note: Floating with your parachute is strictly forbidden. If you attempt to get eliminations after a jailbreak when your team is fully dead, you will be forfeited.


Players who make it back into the game via Gulag, Team Revive, Rebirth or Self Revive are allowed to keep playing as normal and kills accumulated will count 


There is NO PENALTY for downing yourself while up in kills. This is ALLOWED.

Leaving/Pulling your UMG Opponent out of the match when your team is  up in kills to end the match is not allowed. This may result in a disqualification, if this happens please contact tournament live support.


You cannot remove your party from the match until all UMG players have confirmed deaths (After Gulag), otherwise your team will forfeit the map.

The hosting player must set the lobby to No Fill. (Stops the game from assigning a random teammate.)

1vs1 Matches: Vanguard Royale Duos

2vs2 Matches: Vanguard Royale Quads


Best of 1 and 3

A tie in kills results in a replay of the map until a winner is determined.

Best of 2 (Total of 2)

If it is a tie in kills by the end of map 2, additional maps may be played on rotating hosts to determine the winner. The first team to get the most kills after map 2 would win.


In the event of a dispute, please contact tournament live support immediately with your match ID and all proof for your match.


- When in your opponents vehicle you are agreeing to any actions that are taken by the driver of the vehicle. This includes, but not limited to flying out of the safe zone, flying into a building, and jumping out of vehicles.

- Do not excessively ping in order to keep your opponent from hearing other things.

- In order for sabotage to occur, you must have had a chance to win mathematically'


Please contact tournament LIVE SUPPORT for assistance with your active tournament match. Please have your match ID ready so UMG admins can better assist you.


We recommend that all proof be provided in video form. The clearer your proof the better, please be sure to show the following within your proof:

- Scoreboard showing all information (gamertags, eliminations , score, etc)

- Time & Date stamp to validate your proof in the event of a dispute.

- Match ID displayed within your game chat to add a extra validation to your proof.


Tournament matches are expected to be played at the scheduled match time. If an opposing team fails to show up after 10 minutes after the scheduled match time, you must report a no show to live support. We will then contact the opposing team to confirm the no show.


Teams found reporting the win for no reason will result in a forfeit of the match and will risk suspension from UMG Online for Disputing on Purpose.


1. If a Dispute occurs, teams must contact live support with all proof of their claims

2. When disputing, you MUST have proof to back up your claims. You cannot dispute a match without providing valid proof. If you do not have proof to support your claims, you should NOT dispute the match. Disputing the match without providing valid proof can result in you getting banned for disputing on purpose.

UMG Services are not directed to children under the age of 13. To register for a user account for the Services, you must be 13 years of age or older. This includes competing in skill based matches (Tournaments, Cash Outs, and/or Free XP ladder matches).


Disconnection 30 seconds after the touchdown or when up in kills can be replayed if and only if valid proof of a disconnect is supplied. If in a 2v2 and your teammate disconnects with valid proof in order to get a replay you must also leave the match immediately.

If in a 2v2 and your teammate disconnects and you are up in kills and can supply legitimate proof of a disconnect you must leave immediately and contact tournament live support and supply this proof to UMG tournament officials.

If your team is up in kills and a member disconnects from the server, it would be a replay from the kill count at the time the server disconnect occurred at. (Be sure to take proof of the scoreboard immediately if possible). Replays will not be issued for hardware related issues. It's the player's responsibility that all equipment needed to compete in this tournament are correctly working.

HK:s error - This is an error that is caused by the game and is outside of a user's control. If this error occurs, the match would be replayed from the kill count at the time of the disconnect. If your teammate is still in the match, they must leave within 30 seconds of the member disconnecting and we advise for the teammate still in the match to take proof of the scoreboard.

It is the admin's discretion to issue a full replay or a replay from the kill count depending on the circumstances surrounding the issue.



A team has 30 seconds to leave the match due to lag after landing, and it will be replayed if they can provide proof of lag and leaving the match. For 2vs2 BOTH team members must leave within 30 seconds.


If a team experiences an in-game glitch within 30 seconds of all team members touching the ground, all members of your UMG team must leave the game immediately. If you experience an in-game glitch after 30 seconds from all members touching the ground, it is the admin's discretion if the match is to be replayed or canceled depending on the seriousness of the glitch, duration and if it drastically affected the outcome of the match.

There is a known glitch that causes kills to be awarded after a victory and players disconnect from the server, These kills do not count.

UMG and the opposing team is not liable for any vehicle glitches that may occur in the match.

There is an area of the map in the Verdansk Graveyard which you can jump through a window into the back of a truck. When inside this truck you are unable to get out resulting in you being stuck inside. If you get stuck in this spot it will not be eligible for a cancel/replay.

Registration Closed opens NOV 18TH AT 8:38 AM EST closes NOV 25TH AT 5:30 PM EST 36/64 Join Tournament

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